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    Darryl Pearson
    September 22, 2020

    All of the above, gave great detail , of traveling abroad. The do's and dont's, of traveling. Private events and tours for their groups. Black owned, Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

    Joyce Coleman
    June 26, 2020

    My ‘72 college class planned an Alaskan Cruise last year to celebrate our 70th Birthday. Unfortunately, CORVID-19 arrived. All Cruises were cancelled for Alaska... and, as I mentioned, most or maybe all of us are already or approaching 70 years old have underlying health challenges AND rely on Social Security. Guess what? This travel agency, Our Gang Travel, refused to refund us for the cancelled trip! Not only was our cruise cancelled. ALL CRUISES were cancelled. We were never sent notifications during the pandemic of what was happening with our trip. Finally, after numerous phone calls and numerous letter writings, refunds were granted minus $250.00 from each of us. We were offered us a 2021 trip! No thank you! I do not want to cruise in 2021 nor 2022. I need ALL of my money back. I am too old to try vacationing on a Petri dish! I would not advise using Our Gang Travel Agency. It is a very unprofessional agency.

    Priscilla Fuller
    July 15, 2020

    We are focusing more and more on supporting businesses owned by African Americans. Last year the Class of 1972, @Livingstone College, Salisbury, NC booked a cruise with @Our Gang Travel, 1897 Springfield Ave., Maplewood, NJ. We were set to go out on @Royal Caribbean International Ovation of the Seas, August 21-28, 2020 to Alaska and Canada to celebrate our 70th birthdays until COVID19 turned the world into a global pandemic. Following all the CDC guidelines and warnings from the federal government, we decided to let the agency know that we did not want to continue to invest in the cruise. We were given the option to transfer our deposits to a cruise in 2021. As we watched the number of infections and deaths continue to rise and being in the high- risk age group, we did not want to make that commitment without a vaccine. Long story made short, Our Gang Travel penalized each of us $250 ($500 for one travel member because she was in a cabin by herself) for a situation we had no control over. Several weeks after they penalized us, Royal Caribbean canceled the cruise. The agency refused to refund our deposits based on "contractual agreement" which of course was prior to COVID19. This amounted to $3000 to set up the account with Royal Caribbean and collect several payments and submit to RCCL. Checking with other friends who had booked cruises that were not black owned agencies, one received 100% of their money back, the other was charged a $35 administration fee. Those agencies recognized the health crisis and worked with their clients. If it had not been for the coronavirus we would not have canceled the cruise. We were given the impression that RCCL would keep the deposits but all the money paid by credit card to Royal Caribbean was refunded to our credit card accounts. One of our classmates paid 100% of her payments on her credit card and RCCL refunded 100% of her money. In a phone conversation, the agency said they "deserved to get paid". They kept our deposits and the cruise was canceled by RCCL. Integrity is everything when dealing with a business. We will never use this agency and would encourage others not to as well.

    Imani Mcclendon
    February 15, 2019

    Our Gang Travel-Very professional and planning amazing trips for me to Australia and Antigua. I loved how I was constantly informed on all aspects of my trips. I will continue using their services to ensure I have amazing unique international experiences.

    ELLEN Charles
    August 11, 2018

    I've had the pleasure of traveling with this amazing agency around the world. What I can tell you is their travel expertise exceeds expectations. Superior customer service is an art to them and they've perfected every aspect of it. My favorite trip was Egypt! Everything I've ever dreamed of regarding Egypt was in the plans. Cruising down the Nile River imagining how Moses parted the red sea was mind blowing and taking a dip in it was the greatest feeling ever! I travel often and you can best believe that no other agency caters to my desires like Our Gang Group.

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