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59 Academy St, South Orange, NJ 07079, USA

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    Cynthia Scott
    January 05, 2021

    I ordered 2 pizzas, 1 extra cheese and 1 other with peppers and onions and a 12 piece BBQ chicken bites. My pizza was burnt and I threw it out, I called the location as this was the 2nd time I received burnt pizza that wasn't edible from the Domino's in South Orange on Academy St. The young lady who answered the phone was extremely empathetic however her manager told her to tell me the paying customer that all the pizzas are cooked on the same temperature and the next time I order say I want it lightly done. Who orders pizza and say make it lightly done, for the manager to even instruct his staff to say that to a paying customer is absolutely ridiculous. I will NEVER SPEND MY MONEY WITH THAT ESTABLISHMENT AGAIN as they DO NOT VALUE THEIR CUSTOMERS. this review deserves a NEGATIVE ZERO.

    Dominic Adu
    January 04, 2021

    Very rude lady on the phone. A part of my order never came through and the best she could say was "you should have called back" when I literally was calling just 3 hours after the order. She didn't even want to know whether I still wanted to order it or not.

    Alex James
    February 02, 2021

    I normally like this place and they are usually great but today they realy screwed it. They never delivered my pizza and so far I've been on hold for 15 minutes

    Nelson Rogers
    January 15, 2021

    I ordered a steak sandwich which was delivered with less than one steakum on bread, one sliver of pepper and one sliver of onion. Very disappointed!

    True Reviews
    January 02, 2021

    Very tired of prejudice practices. This location is less than 10 minutes away from my home in Newark, New Jersey however they do not deliver to my house. I called because my typical location is closed and realized that based on location, this should have actually been my primary location. However, the manager I'm assuming I spoke to on the phone told me that they deliver up until Sanford Avenue, not even 5 minutes into Newark. When I first stated my street name, I could clearly hear the person on phone along with the crew in the background immediately saying "Oh no, no, we don't deliver there", chuckling, and then the tone became defensive. He spoke over me continuously, not allowing me to speak, and distinctly raised his voice, telling me to call other locations. Completely unprofessional. ALSO, just noticed a review where someone said they saw an employee not wearing gloves...and the owner defended it saying they are not required the middle of a pandemic. I'm actually glad I couldn't order from here with their prejudice, unclean practices.

    Domino’s Pizza

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    59 Academy St, South Orange, NJ 07079, USA

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